For WVC Members

Rehearsals for WVC's 2020 Spring Season.

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No group rehearsals during March 24 to April 14.
Practice on your own!
And as Laurie Knowles puts it: "sing to or with your cats!"

Email from President Zoey Savale on March 21, 2020:  
"Hello WVC singers –

We are in a very unsettled and rapidly changing time, and it is hard to predict what the coming weeks will bring.  However, WVC will not have rehearsals for the next four Tuesdays, March 24 through April 14.  That will take us past Easter and Passover, by which time we should know more about our future.

At this point, we are still planning to have our Middletown and Warwick concerts and go to Carnegie Hall.  The situation is changing rapidly, though, and we will certainly cancel if we have to.  With the current restrictions on large groups, for example, or if our venues are closed, we would have to cancel. 

Meanwhile, we’d ask you to continue learning your music. Whether or not we get to perform this season, learning your parts at home will make you a better singer. Won’t it be lovely, when we are allowed to sing together again?

Stay safe, and thanks for your patience -- Zoey"

Click here to access practice tracks for the pieces 
on the program for our May concerts and for Carnegie Hall.

Click here to view "tentative" info about the Carnegie Hall concert on June 15th.
Signups for the bus to the NYC rehearsals and the concert - now!
Fare is $75.00, bring a check made out to "Warwick Valley Chorale".
Download MidAm's form for purchasing tickets for your family and friends.

         Check out the quilt we will be raffling for our Spring Raffle on Sunday, May 17!    Beautiful! 
Sewn by Gloria Rangel, sister of Vienna Aubert.
WVC's Spring 2020 calendar features 
two concerts in May in Orange County, including everyone's favorite:
Gwyneth Walker's: "Down to the River to Pray".

Here is a message from Dr. Walker on Feb 1, 2020:
"Greetings, Zoey and Warwick Valley Chorale --

I was checking my performance calendar this morning, and was delighted to spot your several performances of Down to the River to Pray in May. I am so pleased that we have continued to keep in touch, via music. Good!

But I did want to let you and the Chorale know that I have the fondest of memories of our times together. And I shall be thinking of you this May!

Best wishes --

Down to the River to Pray - Performance on Dec. 13, 2015

National Anthem at the Hudson Valley Renegades (
on Sunday, July 19, in Wappingers Falls, NY.


'This season’s program, directed by Stanley Curtis and accompanied by Gail Johnson, is titled “Songs of Faith and Freedom.” The repertoire includes pieces from Pavel Chesnokov’s “Salvation is Created” to Mack Wilberg’s “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need” to Joel Raney’s “Hymn of Grateful Praise”, among others. The Warwick Valley Chorale will also be performing some of these pieces at Carnegie Hall on June 15, 2020.

The local performances will be rounded out with a wide selection of well-known songs, including “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” as well as the Warwick Valley Chorale’s commissioned piece “Down to the River to Pray” by Gwyneth Walker.'

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays at the Warwick Reformed Church at 16 Maple Avenue, Warwick NY 10990.


WVC Concerts May 2020

Friday, May 15th, 7:00 pm, concert at the Grace Episcopal Church,  58 North Street, Middletown NY 10940. 

Sunday, May 17th, 4:00 pm, concert at the Warwick Reformed Church, 16 Maple Avenue, Warwick NY 10990. 

Click here to see WVC's press release announcing the Spring 2020 season.

                                                                     Music Program for May 2020
                                                                      “Songs of Faith and Freedom”
                                                                      (in approximate concert order)
                                            1. All Things Bright and Beautiful              John Rutter
                                       ∆   2. Salvation is Created                                Paul Tschesnokov
                                       ∆   3. Declare Your Maker’s Praise                  arr. Lloyd Larson
                                       ∆   4. Hymn of Grateful Praise                         arr. Joel Raney
                                       ∆   5. Come, Thou Fount                                  arr. Craig Courtney
                                       ∆   6. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need       arr. Mack Wilberg
                                            7. Canticle of Faithfulness                           Daniel Bird
                                            8. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody... (ssa)              arr. Rollo Dilworth
                                            9. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother           arr. Jay Althouse
                                          10. Bridge Over Troubled Water                   Paul Simon, arr. Kirby Shaw 
                                          11. The Road Not Taken                                Randall Thompson
                                          12. Give to Me the Life I Love (ttb)              Victor C. Johnson
                                          13. Rhythm of Life                                         arr. Richard Barnes
                                          14. Let There Be Love                                    arr. Jerry Nowak
                                          15. Down to the River to Pray                        arr. Gwyneth Walker
                                          16. << Encore to be announced >>

   ∆  -  Pieces for WVC’s May concerts and the June 15th Carnegie Hall concert.

Additional pieces for the Carnegie Hall concert on June 15th but not on WVC concert programs in May. 
These will be distributed to WVC members in May:
                                          17. How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place         Johannes Brahms 
                                          18. Give Me Jesus                                          arr. Jay Rouse

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Click here to listen to these songs from previous WVC Concerts.

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Click here to see and download the WVC Members Info pamphlet for the Spring 2020 season.

  1 in 6 Americans sings in a choir
 — and they're healthier for it
 Click here to find out why.
Your Brain and Singing: 
Why Singing in a Choir Makes You Happier

Click here to check out this article.
Thank you to Eloise Ham for bringing this article to our attention.


One of WVC's favorite composers, John Rutter, on "the Importance of Choir"

The WVC has performed many of Mr. Rutter's works in our concerts in Orange County.
Also many members of the WVC were privileged to have been conducted by John Rutter at Carnegie Hall in 2006.

The Warwick Valley Chorale welcomes new members!

No auditions required.

If you are interested in joining us and would like to share our love of music and singing,

please send an email to Zoey Savale:
Warwick Valley Chorale is on facebook:  Like us here!   


A look back at WVC's Fall 2019 Season:

WVC members are ready for their 1st December 2019 concert.                               photo by Ed Bailey

See the articles about our December concerts in the Warwick Advertiser - click here,
the Warwick Valley Dispatch - click here
and the Times Herald-Record - click here.


Composer Henry Mollicone conducted his work:
A Christmas Celebration at our last concert on Dec. 15.

Email from Henry Mollicone to Stanley Curtis, December 18, 2019:

"Dear Stanley, Gail, and members of the Warwick Valley Chorale, 
I would like to thank all of you for making my visit so enjoyable!    

Beside the beautiful singing, I would just like to say that I believe Stanley‘s philosophy of nurturing the choir has worked so well!  Really, there is a camaraderie and joy about this group that is quite rare. This was quite apparent to me at the rehearsals and performance, and also at the after concert get together at Fratello‘s. 

Please keep up your wonderful spirit! It was a joy to conduct this choir, and let me say again what a wonderful job you did with this piece which is over 30 years old, as I am also!🤗🤗🤗 

Love and blessings, 
Stanley Curtis, Zoey Savale, and Henry Mollicone apre-concert, Dec. 15, 2019.
Photo by Chris Hart 

Click here to see Roger Gavan's article in the Warwick Advertiser about WVC's Dec. 15 concert.

  Prof. Mollicone's web site:


Click here to download this flier.


                                         WVC Music Program - Fall 2019
                                                                               (In concert order)
 1.   Go Tell It On the Mountain                                      arr. Harry Simeone
 2.   Go Where I Send Thee                                             arr. Maurice Gardner
 4.   Mary Had A Baby (Holiday Collection Men -TB)   arr. Roger Emerson
 5.   Bethlehem Spiritual                                                  Donald Moore
 6.   A Christmas Celebration                                           Henry Mollicone
 7.   I Love Christmas                                                       arr. Ed Lojeski
 8.   I Am His Child (SA)                                                 Moses Hogan
 9.   Tidings Carol                                                             Patrick Lieberger
10.  Angels We Have Heard                                             arr. Loyd Larsen
11.  Joy to the World                                                        arr. Frank Kuykendahl
12.  Hallelujah Chorus                                                     G. F. Handel
13.  Silent Night                                                               Núñes & Papoulis

Other events on WVC's busy Fall 2019 calendar:
Nov. 17:  Caroling in Warwick as part Warwick 's Annual Home for the Holidays
Dec. 7:    Performed in the finale of Jimmy Stur's Annual Christmas Show at Middletown's Paramount Theatre.
Dec. 8:    Performed in West Point's annual Messiah concert.
Dec. 14:  Caroling in Sugar Loaf at their Annual Welcome to Santa Claus.
Dec. 17:  WVC's 5th Annual Ceili.
Dec. 19:  Caroling at the Christmas Party of Warwick's Parkinson's Disease Support Group.
Dec. 27:  Nursing Home Visits:   Glen Arden, Valley View Center, Mt. Alverno, and Schervier Pavilion.

Hearty WVC carolers braved stormy weather and brought good tidings and cheer
to shoppers and revelers in Warwick on Nov. 17, 2019.

Click here to see the article in the Warwick Advertiser about the 2019 edition
of Warwick's Home for the Holidays.



WVC singers: "Good show" at Carnegie Hall on June 10th.
You should all be proud of your accomplishments!

Click here to download this poster.
The WVC is famous in Longview Texas - click here to see why!
Also click here to see a nice article on the origins of Prof. Taylor's composition.


The WVC at the end of a great performance - Warwick Reformed Church, Sunday, May 19, 2019                                                 Photo by Ed Bailey


Click here to download this flier.

Email from our President, Zoey Savale, May 20: 
"Hello, singers -

Ah, LIVE music... It’s full of surprises. Part of the special thrill of a live performance is the “walking a tightwire” element. Almost anything can happen...  and this season, some unusual things did!

And yet, both of our concerts were really great.  Thanks to Stanley’s excellent planning and direction, Dennis’ smooth, skilled and very professional subbing, and Gail's ability to catch us when we stray, we had outstandingly strong leadership.  Add to that your own individual hard work and cooperation, and it all worked together!  Thank you!      Zoey"

See the article in the Warwick Advertiser about the May 19 concert.

"This season’s repertoire, directed by Stanley Curtis and accompanied by Gail Johnson, literally represents 1,000 years of song. The Cambridge Songs Suite No. 2 was composed in 2018, using 11th century lyrics (whose original tunes have been lost) to create an exciting and gorgeous modern cantata. The Warwick Chorale will join the composer’s own choruses to sing the world premiere of this work at Carnegie Hall on June 10, 2019."

1st Prize in WVC's Spring 2019 RaffleThis brand new quilt sewn utilizing
1930's Reproduction Fabric in a traditional quilt pattern by Gloria Rangel (our resident quilter)
And the 1st prize winners are Marilyn Hayden and John Tracy as Vienna Aubert, donor of the quilt, congratulates them. 
And congratulations to Diane Nicholson and Judy Dickinson for winning their raffle prizes as well!!! 


                                                       WVC Spring 2019 Music Program

                                                 To be performed at Carnegie Hall on Monday June 10th; Jim Taylor, conducting:
                                                                             The Magnificat                                              Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
                                                        Cambridge Songs Suite No. 2                       music by Jim Taylor

                                          Selections from these medleys will be sung when WVC singers perform in local area nursing homes:
                                                          Give My Regards to Broadway                     arr. by Carl Strommen 
                                                          Who Could Ask for Anything More? (SSA)  arr. by Jay Althouse
                                                          Leading Men (TTBB)                                    arr. by Mac Huff
                                                          A Sentimental Journey Thru the 40’s             arr. by Hawley Adds

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, the WVC commissioned America's favorite composer, Gwyneth Walker,
for this arrangement of Down to the River to Pray,
which was premiered at their December 2015 concerts.

Down to the River to Pray - Performance on Dec. 13, 2015


We practiced and made it back!
 WVC members practiced and look where they ended up, May 2010, May 2016, April 2018, June 2019 and 2020!

Click Here and take a look back at the WVC's last several seasons.

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