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Information for the Fauré Requiem concert at Carnegie Hall on Monday, April 23, 2018

You can download this poster from the bottom of this page ("CH concert poster.pdf").

Updated, April 10th:  Updated the schedule including bus pickup/drop off times and location.  View, download and print this schedule ("WVC-Carnegie Hall Schedule") at the bottom of this page.

Click here to listen to or download practice tracks for the Fauré Requiem.

Our conductor, Dr. David Gresham, has made the following changes to the vocal score:
For the Kalmus edition

I. Introit and Kyrie
    page  7    4th & 5th measures    Soprano   replace “Je-sus” with “De-us”
       "      7    last measure              Tenor 1     “ex -” and “- au” are on F not D.
       "      7    last measure              Tenor 2     “ex -” and “- au” remain on D.
       "    11    6th & 7th measures    All             change “e - le - i - son” to “Ky - y - ri - e”

II. Offertoire
    page 15   2nd measure              Tenor        3rd beat is a 1/4 note not a dotted 1/4 note.
       "     15   6th measure               Alto           last note of the measure (“mi”) is E sharp.
       "     16   last measure              All              2nd beat - change “- ro” to “- rum”.
       "     23   2nd measure              All             1st beat - change “- ro” to “- rum”. 

III. Sanctus
     pages 24 - 32                            All             pronounce “sanc - tus” as “san - ctus”.
     page 32  3rd measure               Bass 1      note remains on E flat.

V. Agnus Dei
    page 39  1st measure                Soprano    last note of measure (“do”) is an E flat.
       "     43  1st measure                Bass 2      1/2 note on beats one and two should be a C natural.

VI. Libera me
    page 56  last measure                Bass         all notes in this measure are F# not F.
    page 63  6th measure                Tenor 1     “me” is on C not A.

VII. In Paradisum
    page 72  next to last meas.        Soprano    replace “quam” with “quon”.

For the Schirmer edition

1. Introit and Kyrie

page 11  4th & 5th measures    All  change “e - le - i - son” to “Ky - y - ri - e”

2. Offertory

page 15  2nd measure               Tenor         3rd beat is for “-to-” and is a 1/4 note.

page 15   2nd measure               Tenor  1st half of the 4th beat is for “-rum” and is an 1/8 note.

page 15  2nd measure               Tenor  2nd half of the 4th beat is for “de” and is an 1/8 note.

page 20  1st measure  All  place reheasal letter “I” here (measure 77 from the beginning.)

3. Sanctus

    pages 24 - 32  All  pronounce “sanc - tus” as “san - ctus”.

page 27  last measure              Soprano  “Do” should be a dotted 1/4 note.

All WVC singers: don't forget to place measure numbers in your scores.   Below are guides for placing these measure #s.

Schedule for rehearsals and performance at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, April 21st, thru Monday, April 23rd.
                                                     Note: this should be the final schedule.

(*) The bus pickup/drop off is the roadway just off of Kings Highway between Public Works Road and the Warwick Police Station.

Look for the snow plow at the intersection of Public Works Road and Kings Highway ==>

Saturday, April 21  
   7:00 AM – Bus departs Warwick (*) for NYC: Grand Hyatt Hotel, 42nd Street between Park & Lexington.
   8:30 AM – Report to the Manhattan Ballroom (off the main lobby).
   9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon: Chorus/piano rehearsal.
   2:00 PM – Bus drops off WVC singers in Warwick 

Sunday, April 22  
    12:00 noon – 
Bus departs Warwick (*) for New York Grand Hyatt Hotel.
    1:15 PM – Report to the Manhattan Ballroom.
    1:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Chorus/piano rehearsal.
    7:00 PM – Bus drops off WVC singers in Warwick

Monday, April 23
   7:00 AM: Bus departs Warwick (*) for Carnegie Hall, 881 Seventh Avenue (at 57th Street), NYC.
   9:45 AM: Report through Backstage Entrance, 161 West 56th St, and proceed to Orchestra Room 6 on the Sixth Floor.
   9:45 – 10:30 AM: Warm up, tune up, line up, and proceed to stage entrance.
   10:30 AM – 11:20 AM: Dress Rehearsal (Carnegie Hall Stage).
   11:30 AM – 12:50 PM:  Free time.
   1:00 PM – Concert Call = be in Orchestra Room 6, dressed for the concert and ready to warm up and line up.
   After 1:00 PM – on stage to perform the Fauré Requiem.  (We are 2nd of the three sections in this concert.)
   About 2:30 PM - with complementary tickets, proceed to the balcony to enjoy the 3rd section of this concert.)
   About 4:00 PM – Bus departs Carnegie Hall.
   4:00 - 6:00 PM – post-concert party on bus.
   6:00 PM – Bus drops off WVC singers in Warwick (*).

PARTICIPATING ENSEMBLES:  David Gresham conducts Faure’s Requiem
                                    April 23, 2018 at 1:00 PM
    Transylvania Choral Society & Brevard College Choir,  Brevard, NC,  David Gresham, Director
    Spring Valley High School Chorus ,  Columbia, SC,   Patrick J. Hawkins, Director
    Warwick Valley Chorale, Warwick, NY,  Stanley Curtis, Director
    Hudson Chorale, Briarcliff Manor, NY, Ira Spaulding, Director
    Lanier Christian Academy, Flowery Branch, GA, Mary McMichael, Director
    Whippany Park High School Choir, Whippany Park, NJ, Craig Limey, Director 

From the Concert Info Sheet (see below):
Rehearsals in NYC
° Rehearsals must begin on time.
° All performers must have a pencil during each rehearsal.
° Extensive rehearsals at home greatly enhance the quality of the performance in New York. Remember, this is your concert.
° There is only one rehearsal at Carnegie Hall -  the dress rehearsal. 
Carnegie Hall
° No photos are to be taken by group members in Carnegie Hall. This includes flash and non-flash photographs, and videos. Carnegie Hall is a union hall and prohibits unauthorized photographs or recordings of any kind. There are no exceptions to this rule of the hall.
° The dressing rooms in Carnegie Hall are very cramped, but we must have patience and “make do,” as all other artists have done in the hall’s 100+year history. Although there will be a security guard at the backstage door, we recommend performers bring only what they need, and we advise against leaving valuables unattended backstage.
° Upon entering the building, all performers should act like professionals.
° Please be advised that there will be some climbing of stairs. Dressing rooms are on the 1st and 3rd floors, with the stage level on the 2nd floor. All possible effort will be made to convey to their proper places those who have difficulty with stairs.
° Ensembles will be led directly onstage, and escorted directly offstage. No one is allowed in the stage area before or after the performance.
Concert Attire 
° Concert dress for WVC members is black over black for the ladies and tuxedos or black/dark suits/black bow ties for the men.  All: black folder.
 However, there are some restrictions:
° Please do not wear sparkling jewels on stage. The stage lights reflecting off your jewelry will cause visual distractions to the audience.
° Because of the closeness of the performers, please do not wear hair spray or cologne.
° Please be sure to turn off all beeping watches and cell phones.
° Because there is a good deal of walking and standing on the day of the dress rehearsal and performance, it is very important to wear comfortable (and black) shoes!  For those that need it, there will be chairs provided on stage at Carnegie Hall.

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