Beethoven's Choral Fantasy

 For background see this article about the Choral Fantasy.

Attached to this page (below) is a public domain version of the vocal score for the Choral Fantasy.  Note: MAP has indicated that we are to use the Kalmus edition of the vocal score.  (This will cost about $2.00.)   While I expect the notes and text to be the same (no guarantee!), the page numbers, measure numbers, and rehearsal numbers are very different!

        German text:                                                   English translation:

Schmeichelnd hold und lieblich klingen                 Graceful, charming and sweet is the sound 
unseres Lebens Harmonien,                                 Of our life’s harmonies, 
und dem Schönheitssinn entschwinden                and from a sense of beauty arise 
Blumen sich, die ewig blühn.                                 Flowers which eternally bloom. 
Fried und Freude gleiten freundlich                       Peace and joy advance in perfect concord, 
wie der Wellen Wechselspiel.                                like the changing play of the waves. 
Was sich drängte rauh und feindlich,                    All that was harsh and hostile,
ordnet sich zu Hochgefühl.                                    has turned into sublime delight. 

Wenn der Töne Zauber walten                             When music's enchantment reigns, 
und des Wortes Weihe spricht,                             speaking of the sacred word, 
muss sich Herrliches gestalten,                            Magnificence takes form,
Nacht und Stürme werden Licht.                          The night and the tempest turns to light: 
Äuss're Ruhe, inn're Wonne                                 Outer peace and inner bliss 
herrschen für den Glücklichen.                             Reign o'er the fortunate ones. 
Doch der Künste Frühlingssonne                         All art in the spring's sun 
lässt aus beiden Licht entstehn.                           Lets light flow from both. 

Großes, das ins Herz gedrungen,                        Greatness, once it has pierced the heart, 
blüht dann neu und schön empor.                        Then blooms anew in all its beauty. 
Hat ein Geist sich aufgeschwungen,                    Once one's being has taken flight,
hallt ihm stets ein Geisteschor.                             A choir of spirits resounds in response. 
Nehmt denn hin, ihr schönen Seelen,                   Accept then, you beautiful souls, 
froh die Gaben schöner Kunst                              Joyously the gifts of high art. 
Wenn sich Lieb und Kraft vermählen,                   When love and strength are united, 
lohnt den Menschen Göttergunst.                         Divine grace is bestowed upon Man.

(The chorus sings the German text in blue - over and over again.  The German text in black is sung by the soloists.)

Click here for the pronunciation of this text.  The choral section ("Großes, das ins Herz ..." starts at 1:24 into the recording.

The text above is from the Wikipedia article linked above.    
See,_Op._80_(Ludwig_van_Beethoven) for another version of the translation of the German text.)

Sing along with the chorus in this video, vocals start about 40 secs into the video:

This is a video of the entire work.  The vocal section is the last 4 minutes.

The last 9 minutes of the Choral Fantasy: vocals start at about 4:45 into the recording:

Click here and listen to an electronic keyboard playing the tenor part.  The choral tenor section ("Tutti") starts at 1:08 into the recording.

Click here and listen to an electronic keyboard playing the bass part.  The choral bass section ("Tutti") starts at 0:54 into the recording.

Pronunciation and MIDI files courtesy of NOVA (Northern Virginia) Community Chorus.
The attached vocal score is from the Choral Public Domain Library.
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