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My Sweet Lord

Latest info about WVC's participation in the rescheduled concert on Sept 22nd at 7:00 pm 
plus lyrics, vocal score, some practice tracks and to download the poster.

Zoey's latest email (July 15th) [edited]: 
"Sorry to send such a long email, but much of this is new information. We had a good rehearsal on the 14th, with an appreciative audience! 

If you're singing with us this Saturday, please take the time to read all of the following carefully:

  • Sing the entire "lyrics" page (i.e. the lyrics in parentheses) as written. Then repeat our final "Allelujah" line a cappella 8 times (or as directed by Glenn A.), stopping immediately when the instruments begin to play again. This is a changed ending, as of Saturday's rehearsal. It's very dramatic and effective!
  • During the new a cappella ending, avoid going flat (even push the pitch a tiny bit upwards, if it's necessary and you know how) and watch Glenn Arnowitz at the keyboard for cues. Note: At this point, the two soloists will be singing a counterpoint line, quite loudly, "over" us -- Don't get confused by their extra sound.
  • I know, I know, we know the song... but LEARN the lyrics. Study your part, especially your part's entrance notes, with the audio clip. Practice singing along with a recording, too. NO FAKING on the words, especially the last 15 lines! If you trim, shrink or fold the bottom right quarter of the lyrics sheet, you may carry it, covertly, in your palm, but singing a rock song with your face buried in the music is not an option. NO full pages onstage, please -- Instead, study! 
  • The lyrics page, the audio clips, and a recording of the whole song are all on the "For WVC Members" page of  . (Thanks, Chuck!)
  • Watch Glenn Arnowitz at his keyboard for cues if you need them. He's busy singing and playing, though, so don't depend on him for every little hint. 
  • Look out and connect with the audience as often as you can. Let them know how much fun we're having. Even though you're concentrating on the music, remember that you're singing "ALLELUJAH" -- The visual component should match the audio.
  • There is no specific dress code for this gig.  Oh, and if it rains, we're still doing it. 😏 Dress appropriately.  
  • There will be a big audience, so parking may be a problem. Consider meeting someplace else (Shoprite or Price Chopper?) and sharing the short ride to the village with your friends. Please park legally, in any case.
  • The concert begins at [7:00].  We are the last song of the night, but why not come [early], bring folding chairs, get a good seat, and enjoy the whole performance? The entire show runs about two hours, including our part.  Alcoholic beverages are not approved at this venue, by the way. (For the more rigorous ones among you, the Official Call Time is [6:30 pm], Sat. July 21.  However, my phone will be off, so there's no need to tell me if you're going to be late.)

           Hope to see you then!
Click here to see the article about the concert in the Warwick Advertiser.

(What are A, B, C, etc.?   They point to the choral entrances in the vocal score [which you can view or download below].)

Here is a handy palm-sized "crib" sheet for the lyrics to My Sweet Lord.
Download it below, print it out.  It is scaled for a 3.5" x 5" index card.
"Alleluia x 4" means repeat "Alleluia" four times, etc. "tacit" means "no choral lyric" in those lines.
Practice by streaming MSL above.
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Download and print this handy "crib" sheet for the MSL choral lyrics. Scaled to print on a 3.5" x 5" index card. Fold it over to fit in the palm of your hand.  18k v. 1 Jul 24, 2018, 6:10 AM WV Chorale

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