Online resources for practicing our music

YouTube videos & SoundCloud audios of the pieces in WVC's Spring 2020 programs
(in approximate concert order)

Note: Stanley may conduct these pieces in rehearsals and concerts differently from the way these are performed in the recordings below.
Use these aids to "learn the notes!" and then follow the conductor!!

Links to YouTube videos where you can sing along to recordings of pieces in WVC's Spring 2020 program.

                                                  and for the real version: Simon and Garfunkel from their Central Park Concert!

     16. Encore << to be announced >>

∆  -  Pieces for WVC’s May concerts and the June 15th Carnegie Hall concert.

Additional pieces for the Carnegie Hall concert on June 15th but not on WVC concert programs in May. 
These will be distributed to WVC members in May:

Here are some recordings of many of the pieces on WVC's Spring 2020 program:

Click here to listen to these songs from previous WVC Concerts.

Also check for other practice tracks on Cyberbassetc.

Please send suggestions about other recorded pieces to your webmeister:
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