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Rehearsal notes for WVC's Spring 2016 season

The order of the program for the June concerts in Middletown and Warwick:
        A Prayer for Mother Earth                          Ivo Antognini
            (I) What is My Praise
            (II) In Your Hands
            (III) Canticle of the Sun
            (IV) I am the Sunlight
            (V) Andastan
       Joshua Fit the Battle (pg 1)                          arr: John Rutter
       Steal Away (pg 10)                                       arr: John Rutter
       Prayer (from Together in Song)                   arr: Gwyneth Walker
       Down to the River to Pray                           arr: Gwyneth Walker
       Little Wheel a Turnin' (SSA)                       arr: Lea Kjelston
       Bound for Jubilee (TTBB)                           arr: Joyce Eilers
       I Got a Robe (pg 16)                                    arr: John Rutter
       When the Saints Go Marching In (pg 44)    arr: John Rutter
       He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother                arr: Jay Althouse

This what Stanley covered at the rehearsal on:

    Jan 12:   Joshua Fit the Battle         – read through the score
                     Steal Away                                          "             
    Jan 19:   Joshua Fit the Battle         – reviewed pages 1 -7 
 Steal Away                        – reviewed pages 10 -13
    Jan 26:  He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother  -  read through the piece
                                                                          Notes: Page 1, where it says Altos - all Sopranos and Altos are to sing
                                                                                      bar 26 - all Tenors & bases to sing
                                                                                      bar 33 - all Sopranos and Altos to sing
                                                                                      bar 47 - middle notes to be sung by the second sopranos
                     Joshua Fit the Battle         – read pages 7 - 9, sang, twice, entire movement
    Feb 2:     Steal Away                        – reviewed pages 10-13, read pages 14 & 15, then sang entire movement
                                                                       Note: 2nd sopranos take the line for the solo.
                                                                                  When the solo is silent, and the choir is singing, join your sections for their lines.
                                                                                  When the solo is singing at the same time that the choir is singing: 
                                                                                            1st sopranos sing the choir's soprano line
                                                                                            Altos sing the choir's alto line
                                                                                            2nd sopranos continue with the solo line.
                   Ivo I - What is My Praise    – read through the pages 3 - 15 (entire movement)
                   He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother  -  sang through the piece
     Feb 9:    Ivo I - What is My Praise - reviewed entire movement
                  TB - Bound for Jubileeread through the piece
                  SA - There's a Little Wheel a-Turning' - read through the piece
     Feb 16:  Ivo III - Canticle of the Sun - read through entire movement
                     Ivo I - What is my praise - sang through entire movement
     Feb 23:  Rehearsal cancelled due to weather.
      Mar 1:  Ivo III - Canticle of the Sun - reviewed the movement
                  Joshua Fit the Battle       - reviewed movement
                  Steal Away                      - reviewed movement (Note: only 2nd sopranos to sing the solo line)
      Mar 8:  Ivo I - What is My Praise - reviewed
                  Ivo II - In Your Hands - read through
                  He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - reviewed
     Mar 15:  Ivo II - In your hands  - reviewed through letter D
                     Ivo III - Canticle of the Sun - reviewed all
                     Rutter I got a robe - read through
                            Notes: Solo on page 16 to 17 to be sung by Tenor 2 and Baritones.
                                        Choir on page 17 to be sung by S, A, Tenor 1 and Bass.
                                        Page 17, after B at measure 25, Tenor 2 and Baritones join with Tenor 1 and Basses.
                                        Page 19, Solo beginning at D, though to page 20, measure 61 "heaven", should be sung by Tenor 2 and Baritones.
                                        Page 20, measure 61 (last), starting with the last two notes ("Oh") to be sung by S1 & A2 
                                                                    through the 1st line of the 1st score on top of page 21.
                                        Page 21, measure 62 in the 2nd line of the 1st score: "Mm" => top note – S2, "Mm": bottom note - A1.
                                        Page 21, letter G: Treble Cleff:  Top note S1, Middle note S2,  Bottom note all Altos.    Bass Clef:  All Tenors and Basses.
                                        Page 22: Solo line will not be sung.
                                        Page 22, measure 78, divide the last word into two half notes with "Hea-" on the 1st half note and "V'n" on the 2nd half note.
     Mar 22:  Rutter I got a Robe - reviewed page 20 to the end of selection and then from beginning to end
                     Ivo I -  What is my PraiseSang several times.
                     Ivo II - In your HandsReviewed rehearsal D through page 21, then from beginning to page 21, several times.
                     HomeworkStanley wants us to review the 1st two Antognini movements with our CD's before next week's rehearsal. 
     Mar 29: Rutter:  reviewed: Joshua Fit the Battle, Steal Away, and I got a robe.   
                                                Stanley is pleased with the Chorale's progress - but keep working with the practice aids.
                  Ivo III - Canticle of the Sun reviewed. 
                  Ivo II - In your Hands, rehearsal D to page 21 plus from the beginning of the movement to page 21.
     Apr   5:  Walker - Down to the River to Pray - reviewed.
                   Rutter - When the Saints Go Marching In - read through entire movement.

                   Ivo II - In Your Hands - Started with letter E on page  22 to page 30.  Then sang from the beginning of the movement to page 30.

                           Note:  all should practice this movement at home with the CDs.

                   SA - reviewed - There's a Little Wheel a-Turning' .

     Apr 12:  Reviewed - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.
                    Rutter - When the Saints Go Marching In - Reviewed Letter K to end (note: all 2nds are choir 2).
                                                then sang from beginning to end.
                    Ivo II - In your Hands - reviewed all.
                    Ivo III - Cantlce of the Sun -  reviewed all.    
    Apr 19:   Ivo I - What is My Praise - reviewed.
                    Ivo IV - I am the Sunlight - read all the way through.
                    TBs reviewed Bound for Glory.
     Apr 26:   Reviewed Walker's Prayer. 

                    Ivo V - Andastan - read through entire movement.

                    SA's -  Little Wheel a Turnin' - reviewed.

                    TB's -  Bound for Jubilee - reviewed.
     May   3:  Ivo I - What is My Praise - sang it a couple of times
                    Ivo V - Andastan - reviewed
                    Rutter - When the Saints Go Marchin' In - reviewed
     May 10:  Rutter - I got a robe - reviewed
                    Rutter - When the Saints Go Marchin' In - reviewed
                    Rutter - Steal Away - reviewed
                    Ivo IV - I am the Sunlight - reviewed
     May 17:  Walker - Prayer
                    Althouse - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.
                    Ivo IV - I am the Sunlight
                    Ivo V - Andastan
     May 21:  Ran through entire program.
     May 24:  Concentrate on the 2nd half of the program: Rutter, Walker, etc.

Concert schedule:
         Saturday, May 28,  Concert in Carnegie Hall, 1pm, world premiere of Ivo Antognini's A Prayer for Mother Earth
         Friday,      June  3,  Concert at 7:00pm at Grace Episcopal Church, 58 North St, Middletown, NY, 10940
                                                   Chorus call is 6:00pm (be ready to go on stage for warm up, tune up, sound check, etc.)
         Sunday,    June  5,  Concert at 4:00pm at Warwick Reformed Church, 16 Maple Ave, Warwick, NY 10990
                                                   Chorus call is 3:00pm.   
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