Paris 2018

Singing Fauré's Requiem in Paris - June 7 to 17, 2018

Members of the WVC are going to perform Fauré's Requiem in Gabriel Fauré's home church, L'Eglise de la Madeleine in Paris, where he composed his Requiem and premiered it in 1888. Also in commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Gounod, the WVC singers will perform Gounod's Requiem in the same concert.  MidAmerica International (the group that sponsors the choral concerts in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center) will organize the concerts, tours, lodging, and local transportation.  See MidAm's prospectus for this trip at the bottom of this page.  This trip will be for nine days of work (rehearsals and performances) and play (tours of the sites in and around Paris)!
Updated - January 8, 2018
I created a new web page with practice aids and a vocal score for the Gounod Requiem.  (Click here: Gounod Requiem)

Updated  - December 17, 2017
This week MidAmerica announced the music program for the Paris tour: 
     Tuesday, June 12, 2018 – La Madeleine, Paris, France at 8pm
            Symphonique Bel’Arte     Richard Bourdham, Artistic Director
                FAURÉ: Requiem in D minor, Op. 48   Earl Rivers, Conductor
                GOUNOD: Requiem    Francis Bardot, Conductor        Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Gounod’s birth
           Participating Choruses
                Choer d’Enfants d’Ile de France, Paris, France (Francis Bardot, Director)
                Clermont Chorale, Cincinnati, OH (Tim and Tracy Carpenter, Directors)
                Warwick Valley Chorale, Warwick, NY (Stanley Curtis, Director)
                Northern Kentucky Community Chorus, Lakeside Park, KY  (Stephanie Nash, Director)

                Knox Choir, Cincinnati, OH (Earl Rivers, Director)

       Thursday, June 14, 2018 – St. François de Sales at 8pm
             Symphonique Bel’Arte       Richard Bourdham Artistic Director
             Peter Tiboris, Conductor
                 ROSSINI: Stabat Mater       To commemorate the death of Gioachino Rossini in 1868 in Paris (150th Anniversary)
                 MOZART: Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550
                      (American choirs will be "guests" for this concert)

Some more notes from emails from MidAm:
1. The American choruses will ONLY sing in the June 12th concert which is at La Madeleine:
            Fauré Requiem (Rutter edition)
            Gounod Requiem (edition not specified)

2. Here is a preliminary rehearsal schedule for this concert:
    *. Saturday June 9: In the Mercure Hotel in the morning, American choruses (only) convene from 9am am to noon for a rehearsal of Faure and Gounod.
    *. Saturday June 9 from 2:30PM TO 5:30PM at the St. Francis Church. 
                                    The American choirs and French choirs come together for a piano rehearsal of Faure and Gounod.
                                    It is a short bus ride from Mercure Hotel to the St. Francis Church.
    *. Sunday June 10 in St Francis, 2:30pm to 5:30pm. With piano.
    *. Monday June 11. 2pm to 5pm orchestra rehearsal with the soloists (not the choruses) of the Faure and Gounod.
                                    Starting at 8:30pm, the "general rehearsal" in L'eglise Saints-Marie Madeleine with all choirs, soloists and orchestra.
    *. Tuesday June 12: Concert in LaMadeleine at 8:30pm.
3. There will be a 2nd concert at the St. Francis Church on Thursday evening featuring Mozart's 40th Symphony and Rossini's Stabat Mater.
                                    The American choirs will be guests at this concert and will not be performing.
4. The tours of Paris will be re-worked around this rehearsal and concert schedule.

Peter Tiboris, the Director of MidAmerica, relayed this historical tidbit: Gounod was the music director at La Madeleine prior to Fauré. On Gounod’s death, his requiem was performed at La Madeleine with Fauré conducting, Saint-Saens playing the organ and Giuseppe Verdi in the audience!

Travel arrangements:  From Zui Tao at MidAmerica (email on Dec 15): "If your group hasn’t booked the flight tickets, please do so. Please keep in mind that everyone needs to arrive at a Paris airport No Later Than 2pm on June 8, because we will have the opening meeting early in the evening."  
Amy Ferrell (  or  941-349-6069), who assisted WVC travelers to previous MidAm tours, is already assisting WVC travelers for this trip.
Marilyn Myruski (soprano and veteran of the MidAm programs in Greece (2011) and Vienna (2013)) is coordinating with Amy for those who are traveling as a group.

Trip cancellation and travel insurance:  MidAm and yours truly recommends that each of us take out this type of insurance.   MidAm (see page 11 of their prospectus) recommends   Amy Ferrell will have some options.  Viviana and I have been using Alianz  There are other options.

Questions? Please send me a note at:

Sing along with this or other YouTube videos:

Click here to listen to or download practice tracks as well as a vocal score for the Fauré Requiem.   
New ==> Click here to listen to or download practice tracks as well as a vocal score for the Gounod Requiem.   

L'Eglise de la Madeleine in Paris, outside, inside, and map.

For more info about and photos of this venue see:,_Paris

The 2nd concert will be on Thursday, June 14, 2018, at the St. Francis Church (Saint-François-de-Sales, 70 Rue Jouffroy-d’Abbans, which is in the 17th Arrondissement).

The residence for the MidAm group of will use the Hotel Mercure Paris 19 Philharmonie La Villette (  See also for their headquarters - lodging, one rehearsal, pick up for tours, etc.  (This is a change from the hotel announced in the Aug 29th prospectus.)

This hotel is across the street from the famous new Cité de la Musique (See:é_de_la_Musique).  One can see directly opposite the new Philharmonie Hall! It is in an excellent location and 10 to 12 minutes by bus from the center-of-Paris.  The hotel is 2 blocks from the Porte de Pantin Metro station on the #5 line.

Here is the schedule of installment payments (per person - double occupancy).  See page 11 of MAP’s prospectus (attached below):
     Nov. 15, 2017     $400.00   <= Collected and forwarded to MidAm on Nov. 8th.
     Dec. 15, 2017     $400.00   <= Collected and forwarded to MidAm on Dec. 7th.
     Mar. 15, 2018     $500.00   <= Next installment due to WVC by March 5th, 2018.
     May   1, 2018     Balance due. (In April, MidAm will provide invoices for the balance due.  Best guess now is to reserve $1,150 for the balance.)

Air fare to/from Paris is not included above.   You may want to budget another $1,000 per person for the air fare.  At some point next Spring, MidAm will want to know everyone’s travel arrangements so they can arrange for transportation (transfers) to/from the Paris airports.  

Trip cancellation and travel insurance.  MidAm and yours truly recommends that each of us take out this type of insurance.   MidAm (see page 11 of their prospectus) recommends   Amy Ferrell will have some options.  Viviana and I have been using Alianz 

Passports:  For those who don’t have passports, now is a good time to apply for one.  Contact me if you have questions about the process for getting a passport.  For those who have passports, take a look at yours and check the expiration date.  If your passport expires in 2017 OR 2018, now is the time to get your passport renewed.

Other info:  
1) MidAmerica has indicated that the Rutter edition of Fauré Requiem will be used in Paris.  The WVC music library has copies of the Kalmus edition to loan out.  The WVC singers used this version for last Spiring’s performance with the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra and will be using this edition for its concerts in the Spring of 2018 including a performance in Carnegie Hall.  Whereas singers from Classic Choral Society and Newburgh Symphonic Chorale printed out the “Legge” edition which is in the public domain and available from the internet.  And for those interested we can order, on a reimbursable basis, a new copy of the edition specified by the conductor.   At some point we will be informed of the version of the Gounod Requiem that the conductor, soloists and orchestra will use. 

2) I will be sending the list of roommate pairings to MidAm on Wed, Jan. 17.  At this point all of WVC's singers registered for this trip are tentatively paired.

3)  Practicing the two Requiems.   Singers will have to refresh the Fauré on their own using CDs, Cyberbass, etc.  Given that the Warwick Valley Chorale will be singing the Fauré in Carnegie Hall on April 23, 2018, most of the Paris travelers will be "refreshed."  Click here to listen or download practice tracks as well as a vocal score for the Fauré Requiem.  
    Preparing for the Gounod Requiem will take some individual effort.  Click here to listen or download practice tracks as well as a vocal score for the Gounod Requiem.   
    Towards the end of April we will start having sessions at the Warwick Reformed Church on Tuesday evenings 6:45-7:30 (prior to the regular WVC rehearsals).  Then we may schedule 1 or 2 Saturday am rehearsals prior to the departure date.  These 45-min sessions combined with individual preparation have proved successful for preparing singers for extracurricular activities such as the GNSO choral concerts, MidAm trips to Greece (Rutter Requiem, Carmina Burana) and Vienna (Mozart Requiem, Schubert Mass in G) as well as preparing the contingent of TBs who supported MidAm’s concert at Carnegie Hall last Feb (Handel Coronation Anthems and Beethoven Choral Fantasy).

If you have any questions about this trip, please send me a note at: .

Check out these web pages that captured some of our experiences on previous MidAm singing tours:  

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