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Additional music for the MidAm trip to Paris 2018

From MidAm's August 2017 prospectus:

Besides the Fauré Requiem there may be opportunities to sing additional works.  According to James Redcay at MidAm the final selections and concert schedule will be finalized this Fall once MidAm has a firm idea on who will be going on this trip.  At some point members of the Orange County choral contingent may be asked if they want to participate in singing one of these other works.  Of course anyone can chose to sing only the Fauré.  How all this will work out is tbd.  Stay tuned.

Here are some YouTube videos for each of these other works.

                  “ w/ score:

           “  (Shaw):

    “ (Penn State):

Hayes' Gloria & Te Deum:

    Hayes' Gloria

Hayes' Te Deum:

Note: the Durable Requiem was taken off the program list on Aug 29, 2017.