Testing Choral Movie Collages

Note: I am no longer pursuing this project.  
If you have questions email me at: cholmes@warwickvalleychorale.org .

This page provides instructions for assisting me in developing capabilities for making vocal video collages,  The longer-term vision for this project is to make a series of video collages of WVC singers singing some of our favorite songs.

Here is a marvelous example of a music video collage on YouTube:  
This video was made (like all the other collages out there) by each singer individually making their solo video while viewing or listening (see their headphones/earphones?) to a downloaded recording specified by the central coordinator who is making the collage.  After making their solo video, each singer uploaded it to a central location where it was gathered by the coordinator who in turn edited it into the overall collage.

Let's start by viewing a prototype collage that I recently created:   <DELETED>

This was one of the selections for our Spring 2020 program.  If you can't find your version of the score, you can download it below.

l would like you to consider making a video recording of your singing the first verse of this piece in your standard vocal part (Tenor 1, Tenor 2, or Bass) and then sending the video to me.  I will collect your inputs and make the next version(s) of this prototype collage.

1) Send me an email ( cholmes@warwickvalleychorale.org ) that you want to do this.   I will reply with an invitation to access a Dropbox folder that has some more files to download and for you to upload your video song.

2) Using Gail's practice tracks (below), practice your part and get to know it fairly well.


3) Practice some more with a recording of an ensemble singing this piece ("Give to Me the Life I Love - Heritage")
4) Download from the Dropbox folder the movie file: "GtMtLIL score with recording" and play it on your computer.
        It displays the score in sync with the "Heritage" recording.  
        Practice some more with this movie file.  This is what you will use when making your solo video.
5) Chose your video recording application.  On Mac's you can use e.g., Photo Booth or QuickTime Player.  On iPads or iPhones you can use the video option on the Camera app.  On Windows and Android systems, there are comparable apps, but I don't know what they are.  I could use some suggestions.
6) Test your video recording app to learn how to use it for recording, saving video files, control features, etc.
7) Now you are ready to record your video:
    i.  Open "GtMtLIL score with recording", listen to it with headphones.
    ii.  Open your video recording app.
    iii.  While viewing and listening to "GtMtLIL score with recording" with your headphones on, record you singing your part.  
           For the purposes of building this prototype, we are only doing the 1st verse.  So stop recoding at measure 24 on page 4.
    iv.  Repeat step iii.  (You will know why!)
    v.   When reasonably satisfied with your recording, give it a file name as follows:  "Give to Me prototype - part - your name".
          E.g.   "Give to Me prototype - T2 - Holmes".
    vi.  Upload your video to the Dropbox folder and send me an email giving me the name of your video.
    vii.  I'll let you know when I have merged your video into the collage.  There will probably be many versions of the collage prototype as I play with formatting, editing, etc.

Cheers and have fun.     Chuck Holmes
Gail's practice tracks for "Give to Me the Life I Love" plus the score:
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