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Gail's practice tracks for Tenors - Fall 2021

Program for the Warwick Valley Chorale's

2021 Holiday Concerts

1. Here We Come A-Caroling. arr. by Molly Ijames

2. Coventry Carol

3. A Gallery Carol

4. Rocking

5. Sussex Carol

6. The First Noel

8. Feel the Spirit - Steal away (pg 10) arr. by J. Rutter

9. Feel the Spirit - When the saints go marching in (pg 44) “

10. ’Twas the night before Christmas. arr. by Harry Simeone

11. Dona Nobis Pacem by J. S. Bach

12. Baby, It’s Cold Outside by F. Loesser, arr. by K. Shaw

13. Sleigh Ride by L. Anderson, arr. by T. Anderson

14. (TB) Parade of the Wooden Soldiers arr. by Greg Gilpin

15. The Hanukkah Medley (pg 1-6 & 12 & 16) P.A. Murtha

16. The Hanukkah Medley (pg 8 -26) “

17. Lo, How a Rose E’re Blooming edited by Alice Parker

19. Pachelbel Canon in D arr. by Noel Goemanne

20. Joy to the World! arr. by John Rutter

21. For Unto us a Child is Born G. F. Handel

22. Hallelujah! G. F. Handel

23. {encore} Let There be Peace on Earth arr. Gail Johnson

Some notes:

  • "E'ry time I feel the spirit" and "The Seven Joys of Mary" have been removed from the concert program. (i.e. we're not singing them.)

  • "A Gallery Carol" - sing verses 1, 2, and 3.

  • For the "Sussex Carol", in verses 1, 2, and 4 (on page 48), pay attention to where the choir is in unison and in harmony. Verse 3 (on page 49, on the back), the choir sings in harmony for the entire verse.

  • In "The First Noël", we are doing verses 1, 2, 3 and 8. Pencil in the text to verse 8 on the front (page 54) of the score.

  • Tracks 15 and 16 cover the "Hanukkah Medley". Why two tracks? Here is the difference. Most of this work is in unison. The parts that are NOT are pages 1 - 6, page 12 measures 92 - 94, and page 16 measure 122. So Gail’s track 15 covers the parts that are in harmony. Track 16 covers the unison part starting on page 8 to the end - and, yes, repeats the few measures in harmony on pages 12 and 16. Also note that the page numbers that Gail references are plus sixty above the page #s in our scores. I.e. Her page 72 is our page 12.

  • Some of the Handel scores are missing measure numbers. If one (or both) of your scores are missing measure #s, then pencil in measure #s where needed.

  • Pick up a clean, printed sheet of "Let There be Peace on Earth."


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