Look back at Spring 2010




“Duke Ellington Medley” Arranged by Valerie Capers

“Together in Song” By Gwyneth Walker

“God's Trombones” Poems by James Weldon Johnson and Music by Roy Ringwald

“A Sentimental Journey thru the 40's” Arranged by Hawley Ades

Stanley Curtis, Conductor

Gail Johnson, Accompanist

First Performance: May 21 at Goshen United Methodist Church

Second Performance: May 23 at the Warwick Reformed Church

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Here is the review in the Times-Herald Record:

"... an evening of marvelous song and magical instrumental music ..."

WVC performing the "Duke Ellington Medley" on May 23, 2010 Photo by David Bailey

Job Well Done, WVC Photo by David Bailey

We are particularly excited to have performed on May 29th

the Valerie Capers and Gwyneth Walker arrangements

in a MidAmerica Productions performance at Carnegie Hall

57th Street and Seventh Avenue, New York City

with the New England Symphonic Ensemble

under the direction of Guest Conductor Gwendolyn Wyatt

For more information about this special concert

How to get to Carnegie Hall --> practice! Photo by Ed Bailey

Members of the WVC at Carnegie Hall, May 29, 2010

Post-Carnegie euphoria from Zoey Savale, WVC President: "Congratulations on a wonderful performance! Receiving a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall was thrilling! I am so very proud of all of you - not only for singing beautifully, but for representing our WVC in such a wonderful, positive way! It is truly an honor and a privilege for me to be your President and to be a member of our amazing group! Last night will be a "night to remember" for all of us. My love and thanks to you for everything you do. You're the best!"

Congratulations from Stanley Curtis, WVC Conductor: "I caress and congratulate each and every one of you for the magnificent concerts we performed these past two weeks. Your unified effort conveyed a needed message beyond the outreach of the music itself. Our world needs so much more of the joyful, positive spirit you provided. Thank you. I personally have expanded my musical experience, particularly working with unfamiliar genres, and hope you have too. It was heartwarming to know how "spot on",for the most part, we were for the concert at Carnegie. Our weekly bouts of preparation paid real dividends in the end. I wish all you a restful Summer and look forward to an equally successful upcoming concert season. Yours truly, Stanley"