Online resources for practicing our music

YouTube videos & audios of many of the pieces 

in WVC's Spring 2024 program

The links below are for you to practice and sing along to aide in learning the notes.   Keep in mind that each conductor can approach their piece differently.  Do not assume that Ron will replicate the tempi, dynamics, emphasis, breathing, etc. of the performances represented below.

As always in rehearsal and our performances -- FOLLOW THE CONDUCTOR.

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These link to a series of YouTube videos each of which is an audio recording of one of the movements of Haydn's Paukenmesse overlaid with the score of that movement: 

Kyrie page 3

Gloria page 13

Credo page 32

Sanctus & Benedictus pages 54  and  58

Agnus Dei page 66


Here is Ron De Fesi's recommendation:  Leonard Bernwtein conducting the Paukenmesse click here.  This is a long piece.  The movements begin here:  

00:43​  Kyrie       06:16​ Gloria      18:26​ Credo      30:16  Sanctus      33:16​ Benedictus     40:26​ Agnus Dei

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Cyberbass has practice tracks for the Paukenmesse here.

Another source for practicing the Haydn mass is with its funky voice renditions!


One of several American spirituals on the Spring program (watch out for all the repeats!):

Ride the Chariot     performed by the 2014 EAC Honor Choir

Ride the Chariot     performed by Lycoming College Tour Choir

   Porgy and Bess medley

Here's Leonard Cohen performing his signature song: Hallelujah.

Listen to Leontyne Price's rendition of My Man's Gone Now.

Ron's recommendation: Latania Moore sings My Man's Gone Now at the Met (Jan 2, 2020). 

And now Deep River sung by Jessye Norman at Carnegie Hall.

This is a medley of spirituals by the Robert Shaw Chorale.  The first two are Deep River and Didn't my Lord Deliver Daniel.  These are followed by other favorite spirituals.

Stay tuned for updates and new videos added to this page.

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