Sopranos - Listen to or download practice tracks

Practice tracks for Sopranos - Spring 2024

The Program for the WVC’s Spring 2024 Concerts

(In concert order)

Mass in the Time of War                      Franz Joseph Haydn

< intermission >

Ride the Chariot                            arr. by William H. Smith

Old-Time Gospel Medley    traditional, arr. by Ron De Fesi

Deep River                                              arr. by Ron De Fesi

Spiritual Medley                                     arr. by Ron De Fesi

Porgy and Bess       George Gershwin, arr. by Clay Warnick

Encore => Hallelujah    Leonard Cohen, arr. by Ron De Fesi


Listen and sing along to these practice tracks:

Note: there are four tracks for Hallelujah. The track labeled "S1 Only" plays only the 1st soprano line of the song, while "S2 only" plays the 2nd soprano line.  These are good for learning the notes as well as practicing the rhythms in the soprano line.  The track labeled "Soprano" plays all vocal lines and the accompaniment, but with both soprano lines emphasized over the other lines.  The track labeled "All Parts" plays all the vocal tracks and accompaniment with no emphasized lines.


Click here to sing along with YouTube videos of the songs including (new) a video of Leonard Bernstein conducting the Haydn Paukenmesse in a grand Bavarian abbey!

Click here to sing along to a WVC performance of Porgy and Bess Medley from 2001 and from 2009 of Haydn's Mass in the Time of War and Ride the Chariot performed by the sopranos and altos at WVC's Spring 1997 Concert.


Click on the movement title in the box below to download a practice track to play on your computer,  smartphone, tablet, or make your own CDs: