Support from Our Patrons and Sponsors

All of our concerts in Orange County are free of charge representing our commitment to providing exciting choral music to our friends and neighbors in the community.

In order to help us sustain this commitment, we will graciously accept your sponsorship for this and future choral seasons.  Please become a valued sponsor by contacting our President, Zoey Savale, at 845-477-8391  or   Email: 

– OR –

Donate to the Warwick Valley Chorale 

via your PayPal account or 

by credit or debit card!   

Just click on this link and follow the instructions.

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From all of us at the WVC: Thank you for your support and patronage.

The Warwick Valley Chorale is a Federally designated 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation.


Warwick Valley Chorale gratefully acknowledges the generous support of:

The Charles A. &  Elizabeth Guy Holmes Foundation

Susan & David Apps

Vienna Aubert

Stephen & Cynthia Baldino

Catherine and Aurélien de Sèze

Theresa Young

Anonymous Donor

Wisner & Gladys Buckbee

John F. DeGraw

Steve Hagerdon

Christine Hart

Charles P. & Viviana Holmes

Raymond & Martha Westbrook

Baird's Tavern

Michael Mohyla

Marilyn Myruski

Peck's Wine & Spirits, Inc.

Wadeson Home Center

Carol S. Wood

Pamela Arace

Charles Brown VMD

Donna Haley

Crystal Inn

Lindsay MacDonald

Signe Richardson

Marie Rubenstahl

Janeen Sherwin

… and the many hundreds of fans: friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members who have supported the Warwick Valley Chorale by attending our concerts and giving freely into the collection plates.


We especially thank these donors to the future Stanley Curtis Scholarship Award in Music to be established at SUNY Orange:

Catherine & Aurélien de Sèze

Charles & Viviana Holmes

Elizabeth & Scott Curtis

Vienna Aubert

Ingrid & Karl Jacob

Marilyn Myruski

James & Carol Mauzey

Martha & Ray Westbrook

Gary & Lila Baranowski

Eleanor Milliken

Carol Wood

Judith Dickinson

John & Wilda Cameron

Cameron & Melissa Tidd

Danielle Amatulli

Amelia DiCarlo

Laurie Knowles

William Lake

Christina Taylor

Carole Alcino

Donald & Grace Keeley

Albert J. Perotti

Anthony & Joyce Borkowski

Frances VanEtten